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What to do in Prague for the weekend?

What to do in Prague

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What to do in Prague? Our 3-day itinerary

Located in the heart of Europe, Prague is a well-known capital for students. So what to do in Prague during a weekend? The Czech capital is a dynamic city whose old town is full of small authentic restaurants and beautiful monuments. Moreover, Prague is often accessible with low cost flights from most French cities. How to visit Prague in 3 days? We propose you a detailed itinerary in this article.

Travel to Prague for the weekend: what to do?

How to prepare your trip to Prague?

When to go to Prague?

The city of Prague is indeed not known for its mild climate, but the temperatures are not very different from France in winter. In order to enjoy this city at its best, I advise you to come when the temperatures are warmer, between April and October. ☀️

I visited Prague in January and the advantage is that there are few tourists and a lot of good food places to warm up.

Where to buy a plane ticket?

We recommend that you compare the best offers and book your flights on Ulysse. You can benefit from -10€ on your first flight booking on Ulysse by registering via our link!

Where to sleep in Prague for the weekend?

Here is a selection of 2 hotels:

  • MGallery Old Town: very happy with my stay in this Accor group hotel, it is perfectly located in the heart of the old town. Moreover, the rooms are decorated with taste and are well soundproofed. The bedding is excellent. The only downside is that the breakfast is overpriced even if it is very complete.
  • Apartrezidence Opletalova : close to the train station and 10min walk from the city center, this hotel has an excellent value for money ! From 40€ a night and rated more than 9/10, it will be hard to find better ?.

pictures Prague

What is the budget for a 3-day visit to Prague?

  • Flights France – Prague: 100€ per person on average
  • Airport – city center: 38€ with private driver in 25 minutes or 2€ per person with bus 100 (or 119) and metro in 50 minutes
  • Hotels: 40€-80€ per night for a 3 star or even 4 star hotel depending on the period
  • Restaurants: 30€ per day per person for 2 meals.

Total = 580€ for a 3 day trip to Prague or 290€ per person, excluding activities / visits.

How to get around Prague?

The advantage of this city is that much of it can be done on foot! However, you can take a 3-day unlimited metro card for 330Kč (about 13€) or a single ticket for 40Kč (about 1.60€), which is very reasonable for a European capital.

What currency is used in Prague?

Prague is not part of the Eurozone and therefore has its own currency: the Czech crown (CZK). At the beginning of 2023, 1€ gives 24 Kč.

Should I buy tickets online to visit the must-see spots?

Indeed, for the price, the language and the ease we advise you to pre-book your activities on one of the 2 following sites:

If you wish, you can book a free guided tour of Prague. It will be conducted by a local English speaking guide.

? To book your airport parking: You can save 10% on your reservation through OnePark.

What to do in Prague during 3 days?

Let’s go, we are going to reveal you our itinerary to visit Prague in 3 days.

Jour 1 : visite de la vieille ville

The astronomical clock

In the heart of the old town, on the main square, is the Church of Our Lady of Týn. It is an emblem of the city and is 70 meters high. The church houses a six century old astronomical clock. It can be seen from the outside and has a complex mechanical system that animates the clock as soon as the hour strikes.

It is possible to climb to the very top to get the best view of the city. I recommend you to go there as soon as it opens, I was alone but it fills up quickly… Especially since there is not much room to pass each other up there! Count 250Kč per person, or 10€.

Astronomical Clock Prague

The Old Town Square

The main square of the city, where the astrological clock is located, is very charming. From this square you can see the clock and the beautiful buildings surrounding it and why not have a coffee (or a Becherovka, the local liquor) on one of the many terraces.

Old Town Square Prague

The streets of the Old City

Around the big square of the Old Town you will find many alleys, each one cuter than the other and full of color. Let yourself be guided by your desires and it will be the best way to discover the city and its little shops.

Mala Strana Prague

Ce sera l’occasion de goûter au fameux Trdelnik ! Il s’agit d’une pâtisserie sucrée traditionnelle de Slovaquie, mais vous pouvez en trouver à tous les coins de rue. Il s’agit d’une base de pâte de farine enroulée autour d’une brochette de bois, puis grillée sur la braise et recouverte de sucre et de noisettes concassées. Vous pouvez épicer votre Trdelnik avec des fruits, du coulis ou de la crème fouettée ?.

Trdelnik Prague dessert

But also to come across the 49382 weed shops present everywhere. And yes, the sale of cannabis is legal in Czech Republic and many tourists are curious to see what is sold there! I will not make any recommendation ?.

Cannabis Prague

The Saint Charles bridge

This bridge is a must-see in Prague since it connects the Malá Strana district to the Old Town of Prague. Be careful, in summer, the bridge is crowded with tourists, but also with street artists, peddlers and musicians so I advise you to go there at daybreak to avoid the crowd. It dates back to 1402 and was the only bridge in Prague for many years. On this bridge, you will find the statue of John Nepomuk. This statue is said to bring luck to all those who touch it. You might as well say that in the middle of the day it is a crowd!


What to do in Prague

Where to dine / have a drink during your weekend in Prague?

The old town is full of small typical restaurants! Beware, however, of the tourist traps that offer pizzas/burgers. If you are looking for a taste of Czech cuisine, I recommend the Lokal. It’s a big long restaurant that offers traditional cuisine. Be careful, I advise you to make a reservation because it’s very crowded. You can also join the waiting list while enjoying a local beer ?.

Count about 10€ for the dish and 2,5€ for the pint of beer.

Authentic restaurant Prague

Day 2: Visit the historical sites of Prague

Prague Castle and Lobkowicz Palace

The Prague Castle is an emblematic building of the city that once housed the Germanic Roman emperors. Today, the Czech president resides there. Don’t miss the gardens, from which the towers of St. Vitus Cathedral and St. George’s Basilica are visible.

You can plan this tour in advance with or without a guide.

The Lobkowicz Palace is a magnificent baroque building located at the end of the castle. It offers many exhibitions and shows to make you discover the history of the Lobkowicz family.

? Count 290 CZK the entrance (about 11€) for the castle and the palace, open every day from 10am to 6pm.

Prague Castle

The Dancing House by Frank Gehry

The Dancing House, or Maison Dansante, is a work of Czech architect Vlado Milunić and American-Canadian architect Frank Gehry. Its original architecture represents the ying-yang and feminine-masculine balance. It houses a beautiful restaurant on the top floor with a view of the river and the Saint Charles Bridge.

Prague Dancing House

Cruise on the Vltava

It is also a must to visit in Prague: the cruise on the Vltava river to discover the city differently and admire the historical sites of the city. You can take options with or without meals, but I recommend booking at sunset to enjoy beautiful light.

? Book your cruise on the Vlatva in Prague.

Where to dine / have a drink in Prague?

I found an excellent restaurant in the Hyatt hotel: the ZEM. It is not cheap but the food is excellent and the setting is beautiful. A faultless from the starter to the dessert. In France, for this kind of restaurant, the prices would be doubled!

To have a drink, I recommend these 4 addresses:

  • Anonymous: cozy and chic atmosphere with excellent cocktails, original and very well prepared. But the particularity of this place is the service: the waiters wear an Anonymous mask ?!
  • Crazy Daisy: very stylish cocktail bar! Well, you have to like pink anyway. But the place is really cool with a good playlist and the well researched cocktails ?.
  • L’absintherie: original place and very good cocktails around Absinthe. I’m not a fan at the base but I was conquered! Don’t hesitate to try the flambéed Abstinthe ?.
  • Vytopna Railway: in this bar & restaurant, no waiter but trains to serve you your dishes or drinks ? !

Going out in Prague

? Where to go out in Prague?

There are many nightclubs in Prague for all tastes and styles. In particular, I was able to try the Duplex and Karlovi Lázně, which are on 4 different floors with many different atmospheres in one club ?.

Day 3: the unusual places and district of Mala Strana

Mala Strana

On this third day, cross the St. Charles Bridge to discover the Mala Strana district. The latter is home to many authentic addresses and offers nice views of the city. Near the bridge, the streets are crowded with people. But if you move away a little you will find calmer streets full of charm.

Mala Strana Prague

The wall of John Lennon

The John Lennon Wall is located in a garden just in front of the French Embassy. Its name is linked to the famous member of the Beatles committed to peace and freedom of peoples. After his assassination, it was covered with numerous graffiti by the Czech population muzzled by the communist regime. The musician was an icon representing an ideal of peace.

John Lennon Prague

The works of David Cerny

This contemporary Czech artist has hidden 14 unusual works throughout the city. You can admire the famous rotating statue of Franz Kafka’s head, the three babies in the television tower or the upside down horse in the Lucerna passage.

The Pater Noster

The Pater Noster is one of the most famous elevators in the world. And for good reason, you go up or down without the elevator stopping. Be careful, I imagine that there must be recurrent accidents… To find this old elevator, go to the Prague library in the new city hall (which is nothing new). Once inside, walk through the building on your right and go to the end of the big corridor.

Pater Noster elevator

When you’re in the neighborhood, don’t hesitate to take a tour in the library which is on the same square. You will find an atypical work at the entrance, I don’t tell you more ?. Attention it opens only at 1pm on Monday and Saturday and is closed on Sunday.

The Beer Spa

If Prague is known for being the city with the highest beer consumption in the world, it is also known for its beer spas. On the program, a moment of relaxation in a beer bath with a beer tap to quench your thirst. Beer is known for its relaxing properties and richness for the skin. I recommend booking in advance to guarantee a spot ?.

Spa Biere Bernard

We hope we have helped you to know what to do in Prague for a weekend! For more City Trip guides in Europe:

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