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Safari in Tanzania and Zanzibar : 2 weeks itinerary

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Tanzania and Zanzibar Travel Itinerary : 2 weeks of safari and discovery

A safari in Tanzania is the ultimate dream trip. After having done it, I can tell you that it will undoubtedly remain my most beautiful trip (along with Iceland), full of emotions and wonderful memories.

So I spent 2 weeks in Tanzania and Zanzibar on this itinerary !

How do you organise a safari in Tanzania ?

Which national parks to visit ? Where to sleep ? What about meals ? Where can I find a good guide ? I asked myself dozens of questions when planning this trip! The choice of guide is a vital element in a safari trip to Tanzania, as he can make your experience even more incredible, not only through his ability to spot animals, but also through his human qualities. I can tell you that we cried on the last day when we left him, because he gave me and my best friend the most memorable week of our lives.

For practical information : when to go to Tanzania, plane tickets, the budget for a 2 weeks safari in Tanzania and Zanzibar, how women should dress, what to pack, what health precautions to take, etc. See you at the end of the article or click here for those in a hurry !

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Safari in Tanzania and Zanzibar – 2 weeks – Itinerary

Before detailing my 2 weeks safari itinerary in Tanzania and Zanzibar, please note that it is not compulsory to plan 1 week of safari as I did. Most of the people I met there did a 4/5 days safari and I think that’s good enough.

↠ DAYS 1 and 2 : Arrival in Arusha, Tanzania

After landing at Kilimanjaro airport (the name says it all, doesn’t it?), we met Nassoro, our French-speaking guide with whom we’d spent the week. He drove us to Arusha, where our Tanzania safari would begin the next day.

Where to stay in Arusha ?

For 2 nights, we stayed at the Mount Meru Game Lodge & Sanctuary. The highlights of this hotel were the incredibly friendly staff and the swimming pool to cool off in.

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Starting your safari in Tanzania : Arusha National Park

Arusha National Park is the ideal place to start a safari. You won’t find any predators here, but there are still some magnificent animals to see : giraffes, buffalo, monkeys, hippos…

Arusha is bordered by Kilimanjaro (which can be seen on a clear day !) and Mount Meru, making the scenery in the National Park unique.

Canoeing in the heart of the National Park

We were lucky enough to take a 2 hours canoe trip into Arusha Park, to observe the flora and fauna from the lake. It’s possible to get close to the hippos, in complete safety of course, thanks to the guides who accompany you.

Afterwards, we had a picnic using the lunch boxes provided by the hotel. This is how lunches work most of the time on a safari trip in Tanzania.

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Days 3 and 4 : Tanzania safari in Tarangire National Park

Looking back, I can tell you that this park was my favourite! I was over-excited before arriving at the idea of seeing predatory animals for the first time.

Our guide treated us to 2 days in Tarangire. The scenery is sublime, as the national park is criss-crossed by a river. In fact, Tarangire means “warthog river” in Swahili.

Safari in Tarangire, Tanzania

We saw hundreds of animals, including a leopard, cheetahs, elephants and lionesses with cubs. For lunch, we went to the restaurant at Tarangire Safari Lodge this time, which boasts a splendid view of the surrounding area. The buffet was delicious and varied.

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Where to stay in Tarangire ?

We stayed at Sangaiwe Tented Lodge, a splendid establishment in the heart of the savannah. The tent was superbly well-equipped and huge, I wasn’t expecting such a high standard. It was more like a house in terms of comfort than a camping tent.

Sunrise over the savannah

At dawn, we climbed the mountain overlooking the lodge to watch the sunrise… The emotions are indescribable, so I’ll leave you with the images from our second day on safari in Tarangire.

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Day 5 of the Tanzania trip : Ngorongoro Crater

Another day on safari in Tanzania in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, an exceptional place where the landscape of the crater is totally different from anything we’ve seen before. The volcano collapsed 2 million years ago and today many species of animal have made the caldera their home. When we arrived at lunchtime, our guide surprised us by arranging for us to eat right in the heart of the crater.

Once again, we saw a huge number of animals and a whole family of lions for the first time, who had previously hunted a buffalo. The scene was breathtaking; I could have stayed for hours watching them.

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Where to sleep in Ngorongoro ?

For the night, we stayed at Ngorongoro Kuhama Camp, run by the Masai. There are a huge number of Masai tribes (40,000 people in all) around the crater. Our guide explained their way of life to us, which was very interesting !

Once again, the accommodation was top-notch and the tents provided all the comforts we needed. In the evening, we were treated to a campfire… We even got to see a zebra wandering around just 10 metres away 🤩.

Day 6 : Tanzania safari at Ndutu

Ndutu is a major stop-off point for animals during the Great Migration. All year round, millions of animals move according to the rain. Between January and March (depending on the weather), they pass through Ndutu Park. This is the birthing season for zebra and wildebeest in particular, making it a perfect time for hunting. If you’re there during the migration, it’s a good time to watch the predators attack the babies and the others. I know, when you put it like that it sounds terrible, but that’s nature ! I would have loved to see a hunting scene in real life ! It’ll give me a good excuse to go on safari again one day.

Visiting Ndutu Park

As we were there outside the migration period, the park was empty and we didn’t see any cars. We were lucky enough to come across 4 magnificent lions napping at the foot of the car. A suspended moment we’ll never forget… Note that there are of course other species of animals that we see in national parks in general, I’m talking about the most memorable encounter.

Just after the lions, we spotted a striped hyena (very, very rare, according to Nassoro, our guide). We usually see spotted hyenas.

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Where to stay in Ndutu ?

We spent a night at the Lake Ndutu Luxury Tented Lodge. This is a splendid lodge right in the middle of the park ! There’s a swimming pool and an observatory with incredible views. Information & booking.

With the hotel’s naturalist guide, we had the chance to go on a 2 hours walking safari and learn even more about the animals and plants.

where to stay in ndutu

Days 7 and 8 : Serengeti National Park, end of safari trip in Tanzania

It was with a tight heart that we entered the Serengeti National Park, because we knew that our safari in Tanzania was coming to an end. The Serengeti is one of the places that inspired the scenery of the Lion King. Again, the landscapes are different from other parks, which makes it unique in turn ♥️.

You will see all kinds of animals in the Serengeti Park. On the other hand, given its size, I found that they were more dispersed and that it was therefore less impressive than in Tarangire.

Safari Trip to Serengeti National Park

These last two days were, like all the others, memorable because this is where we finished our list of Big Five to see ! To explain, the Big Five are the 5 most difficult mammal species to hunt in Africa; this classification was made by Ernest Hemingway. The animals in question are: lion, leopard, elephant, rhino and buffalo. All are very threatened (except the buffalo because they are many) since they are the preferred targets of hunters… Know that it is completely illegal to kill animals in national parks and that Tanzania fights against poaching on a daily basis. Our guide explained that the death penalty applies to those who were caught.

In short, all this to tell you that we have seen all the Big Five in Serengeti! We had already seen 4 in previous parks, we only needed the rhino.

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Where to stay in the Serengeti Park ?

For this last accommodation, we went to Kuhama Camp, located in the heart of the national park. We ate very well and there was again a campfire in the evening. What to finish the safari in Tanzania in beauty, with the happiness of having zebras in front of us at breakfast, or to hear hyenas and lions in the evening in the distance from his tent…

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travel safari tanzania

DAY 9 : Transfer to Zanzibar from Serengeti

It was magical to fly over these mythical lands ! I have never been so sad to leave a place and it was with emotion that we had to say goodbye to our guide. I promised myself I’d come back one day.

✈️ Duration of transfer Serengeti – Zanzibar : 3h15

Arrival in Stone Town, Zanzibar

Freshly landed in Zanzibar, we headed to our accommodation for one night: The Zanzibar Serena Hotel. It is located in the old town of Stone Town, the historic heart of the island. To book, click here.

Visit Stone Town in Zanzibar

In the late afternoon, we took a guided tour of the historic district, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. I admit that the excitement of the latter was a shock compared to the savannah. That said, it is still interesting to see!

If you plan your trip yourself, you can book a guided tour of Stone Town on this website.

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DAYS 10 to 13: Trip to Zanzibar

These last days of travel in Tanzania have taken place under the sign of relaxation at Jambiani beach. Between cultural activities and idleness: this is exactly what we needed after an intense safari.

Where to stay in Jambiani, Zanzibar ?

Mwezi Boutique Resort, located on Jambiani Beach, is a true paradise. Everything was perfect : bungalows, pool, food, staff reception, direct access to the beach. In addition, I find the rates totally reasonable for the quality of the establishment.

☞ Information & booking

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What to do in Zanzibar ?

  • Blue Safari : a day trip by boat to snorkel, swim in several spots with, as a bonus, a lunch on the beach.
  • The Cave of Kuza : in the heart of the jungle, it is a cave with crystal blue water to bathe in the cool (water temperature: between 20 and 23°C). In the past, the Kuza cave served as a water point for the villagers and also had a therapeutic function.
  • Visiting a seaweed farm : I loved this activity because it is one of the only companies in Zanzibar that employs women with a fixed salary. We learn about the cultivation of seaweed, the transformation into cosmetics and we see in all transparency the working conditions.
  • Cultural tour of Zanzibar : for half a day, our guide made us discover the zanzibar life through woodworking, spices, cooking and even the traditional dress of women !

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Practical information for your 2 weeks safari trip to Tanzania and Zanzibar

When to go to Tanzania ?

The climate in Tanzania is distinguished by :

  • The dry season : from June to October, high season where tourist attendance is high – and January/February where attendance is lower
  • The rainy season : «the small rainy season» takes place in November and «the big rainy season» from March to May.

☀️ I was there during the first half of December and I had very little rain! I therefore recommend this period 100% since the national parks are much less crowded, which makes the safari trip to Tanzania much more enjoyable.

Airline tickets to the Tanzania

✈️ From Paris, I took a flight with Ethiopian Airlines with a stopover in Ethiopia. Everything went well with this company. As for rates, count from 700 € to go to Tanzania.

If you want to organize your stay yourself, I recommend the Skyscanner comparator to take your tickets.

Having internet on your phone in Tanzania

You can purchase a local SIM card at the airport if you wish. Personally, I did not and I took advantage of the wifi of the accommodations in the evening, which was more than enough. It allowed me to live the days to the fullest, without being disturbed by futile notifications.

Do I need a visa for a trip to Tanzania ?

Most foreign passport holders require a tourist visa to enter Tanzania. Tanzania has an electronic visa system through which applications can be submitted and approved online prior to travel. Check if your country is concerned or not to be exempt from visa.

You must apply for a visa on the government website (click here). I recommend you to ask for it 2 or 3 weeks before your departure, because sometimes there may be a delay. I received it in 48 hours but you never know !

☞ Visa price for Tanzania/ Zanzibar : $50

The currency in Tanzania

There is a local currency, the Tanzanian shilling, but everything is paid in US dollars. I changed $200 before leaving and I did not need more. I just planned money for the tip of our guide and to buy 1 or 2 souvenirs.

In hotels, it is possible to pay by credit card if you take additional drinks. So I paid with my Ultim card from Boursorama, without any fees abroad.

What are the health precautions to take?

  • I recommend making the yellow fever vaccine in your city’s international vaccination center. Legally, it is not mandatory but in fact, I was checked my vaccination record when I arrived at customs. Beyond that, I advise you to do it to prevent any risk. Regarding side effects, this vaccine gave me 24 hours of fever with aches and chills, but of course not everyone reacts like that.
  • Anti-malarial treatment is also strongly recommended, as Tanzania is a high-risk area. The drug is called Malarone (I took the generic) and the treatment is taken 1 day before departure, during the entire stay and for 7 days after return. Regarding the side effects, the drug can cause intestinal disorders, which we both had (definitely, no luck ). It is not very glam but I prefer to prevent! Know that neither the vaccine nor the anti-malarial treatment are reimbursed by the social security. You can have it prescribed at the international vaccination center by the doctor.
  • It is essential to come with an anti-mosquito product for tropical areas, to protect against bites and therefore malaria. Keep in mind that malaria is a lifelong disease that can be activated several times at any time. If it activates during a period when your immune system is fragile (during a heavy illness or old age for example), it can be fatal. So it’s not at all to be taken lightly.
  • Do not drink tap water or brush your teeth with: mineral water is provided for this purpose in hotels.

How to dress during a safari trip to Tanzania and Zanzibar ?

To know how to dress in safari, it’s rather simple. Avoid dark colors (because they attract tsetse flies that can give sleeping sickness) and bright colors (it can scare animals). Choose light, natural tones such as khaki, beige… You can easily put on shorts if you protect your legs with mosquito repellent just in case! There is no injunction to dress long in Tanzania.

However, it is a little different in Zanzibar. The Muslim religion is very anchored on the island and 90% majority, I recommend you not to dress too light when you leave the hotel, especially if you visit Stone Town. Near the beaches, there is no problem.

Can we travel alone or between women in Tanzania and Zanzibar ?

In Tanzania, it is absolutely safe to go alone or between women. Indeed, I left with my best friend and we were always accompanied by our guide.And, even so, I felt no insecurity or inappropriate looks.

For Zanzibar, the hotel in Jambiani advised us against going to the beach during the night. It is true that there are almost only men on the street in Zanzibar at the local population level. that looks can be annoying and that we were regularly approached. I did not like that aspect of the island.

Budget for 2 weeks safari trip to Tanzania and Zanzibar

Many of you asked me about the budget on Instagram! I estimate it costs at least 3,000€ per person (all inclusive) for a safari trip to Tanzania, combined Zanzibar.

My 2 weeks trip itinerary to Tanzania and Zanzibar was perfect from start to finish.

For other escape ideas…

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