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What to do in Milos? Cyclades

what to do on Milos Island

What to do in Milos, Greece?

For our trip to the Cyclades in Greece, we chose Milos as our first stop. 3h30 by ferry from Athens, this island offers unique landscapes. We will see together what to do in Milos, with a detailed 3-day itinerary.

💌 Visit Milos: our advice

How many days to visit Milos?

We recommend that you stay at least 3 days in Milos. If you can, 4 days is the ideal length in case the weather is not good! We have prepared a 3 day itinerary for you!

See the entire itinerary of our trip to the Cyclades (LIEN)

How to get to the island of Milos?

Although there is a small airport in Milos, we recommend that you take the ferry to come to Milos. Click here to book your boat trip to Milos, depending on your departure location!

How to get around Milos?

The quad is the ideal means of transport to visit Milos. We do not recommend renting a scooter as some access can be difficult. A car can be considered, but you will likely be stranded in some places.

We rented from Apollonas Sunshine. The quad was delivered to us at the port and everything went very well.

Where to stay in Milos?

For this trip to Milos, you can take accommodation on your own to avoid moving your luggage. The island is not very big, you can easily explore it from the same base.

We slept at Casa de Zag. The accommodation is located in the house of a family of locals, adorable and very discreet. You have your own terrace and an independent entrance. The studio is very clean and well equipped with a small kitchen. 🥰 Very good value for money with a top location for visiting Milos!

 For those who prefer to stay at the hotel, we offer the Volcano Luxury Suites, which has rooms with private Jacuzzi: the total kiff! 😍 Click here to book

What to do in Milos: itinerary & good addresses

Day 1: arrival on the island of Milos

Once the suitcases are put down, we will start the tour of the must-sees of Milos.

🥙Eat a Gyros

Arriving at the port of Adamas in Milos, we recommend that you taste the gyros at the Gyros of Milos restaurant, located right next to the pier. For less than 3 , you will enjoy this Greek specialty! You can take out and eat them on the beach. 😋

🌔 Sarakiniko Beach

If you follow us on Instagram, you could not miss this incredible place which is, in our opinion, the most beautiful on the island of Milos 😍!

During your trip to Milos, you must go to Sarakiniko beach at least twice. Indeed, depending on the light and the time of day, the landscape changes completely. If you arrive in Milos at the end of the morning, then head to Sarakiniko for a swim and to admire the crystal clear waters that surround it. The optimum time to have the most beautiful color 💎 is when the sun is highest in the sky (between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. depending on the season).

sarakiniko Milos

🏖Papafragas Beach

This beach is beautiful. It was unfortunately closed when we were there (in October 2020), probably due to the Covid as the beach is tiny.

The ideal time to go is also from late morning until early afternoon to have as little shade as possible with clear water!

🌅Sunset in Plaka

Plaka is a charming village located north of Milos. This is the best spot to watch the sunset. You have two options:

  • Go to Utopia Sunset Bar for a drink and enjoy the show. Please note, there are very few tables, so we will help you arrive 15/20 minutes before the opening to get a front row seat.
  • Monte Castle at the Venetian of Milos. You will be there in just 10 minutes of climbing from the parking lot. The view is sublime …

To end the evening, we recommend that you stay for dinner on the terrace in Plaka. Choose the restaurant that appeals to you the most, they are all good.

what to do in Milos Cyclades

what to do in Milos

Day 2: continuation of the itinerary in Milos

🏖 Tsigrado

Tsigrado beach could not be more atypical. Access is made in an original way: by a ladder. This is why I strongly advise against this beach for people who have vertigo, frail people and children.

 Concretely, it’s not very complicated, you will have two ladders to descend with a rope to hold on just in case. Nothing insurmountable if you don’t have a phobia!

 The beach is quite small, the color of the water is beautiful when the sea is calm. It wasn’t when we went, there were waves so the water was yucky brown 😂. But Tsigrado is still worth a detour for its access by the ladder!

what to see in Milos

🏖 Thiorichia Beach (Ancient mines of Surfur)

Continue in the unusual with this beach located at an abandoned sulfur mine. If you like Urbex, this will be your paradise!


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🏖Kastanas Beach

After these adventures, it’s off to Kastanas, 35 minutes by quad. Welcome to the nudist beach of Milos. Yes, we have planned an extraordinary day for you.

It’s nudist in case you mind seeing real people naked.However, there were also people in their swimsuits when we were there. Kastanas beach is sublime and worth a visit!

💌Our tip: right next to it is a small cove with an arch. We were alone in the world for 2 hours! 🥰 See GPS coordinates

Access to Kastanas

⚠️ Typically, this beach is located at the end of a dirt path. Access is much more convenient by quad than by car or scooter! We advise you to take water shoes with you for swimming. The beaches of Milos are generally pebble, it hurts your feet!

what to do on Milos Island

miloš what to do

🌅Sunset at Sarakiniko

Return to Sarakiniko for the end of day 2 of this itinerary in Milos. The lunar landscape is different with the evening light. Nonetheless, you will find it to be just as beautiful. Get there about an hour and a half before sunset to take in the light, before it goes behind the hill.

miloš what to see

😋Dinner by the water in Mandrakia

The village of Mandrakia has a very cute little fishing port. We went there once at night and once during the day to see the different shades of color. You are free to do the same by setting another passage to Mandrakia in your program.

 Anyway, we recommend that you dine at the Medusa restaurant, with its magnificent terrace overlooking the sea. Reservations strongly recommended in high season.

Visit Milos in 3 days

must-sees Milos


Day 3: Sailboat excursion to Milos (Continued)

We recommend that you devote a day to exploring the island by boat. Through this sailing excursion you will discover the magnificent Kleftiko and Sykia caves. The water is crystal clear … 💎

A Greek lunch will be served on board, with snacks and drinks included in the price! Snorkeling equipment is also included.

⛵️ Book your excursion to Milos

Day 4: What to do in Milos? (After)

For this last day of itinerary in Milos, we will alternate between pretty villages and beaches.

🌺 Plaka

If you followed our advice, you’ve been there for sunset on the first day already. We still recommend that you return to Plaka in the morning, as the atmosphere is totally different there.

what to visit in milos

what to see in milos

🌺 Firopotamos

The place is small but cute. Its church and its picturesque accommodation overlooking the sea make the atmosphere authentic. The beach is beautiful too, you can stop there to swim!

milos beach

milos blog

🌺 Pollonia

Pollonia is a beautiful village, typical of the island of Milos. Stroll through the small center before settling down at the table for lunch.

We tried the Rifaki restaurant: it was very good! 😋

We leave you the afternoon free to swim and enjoy the beaches of Milos before departure.

good addresses Milos

miloš what to visit

🌅Sunset in Klima

There isn’t much to see in Klima, but it’s still worth a visit. The colorful fisherman’s huts overlooking the sea make the place charming. We recommend that you stop on the terrace of the Astakas Café Restaurant, at the entrance to the village, to have a drink and watch the sun go down.

must see places Milos

what to do in milos

😋Dinner at O! Hamos! Tavern

If there’s one place you can’t miss in Milos, this is it. O! Hamos! Tavern was our best culinary discovery in the Cyclades. On the one hand, their terrace is intimate, warm and welcoming. On the other hand, the food is absolutely excellent. The prices are correct, everything is homemade and the service is top notch.

I insist, this is a Milos staple. In high season, there can be a lot of waiting.

This is the end of our itinerary to visit Milos Island! We hope we have helped you organize your stay. Please do not hesitate to ask us your questions and comments if you have any.

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