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2 week itineraries in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is THE nature destination, you can spend an exotic vacation in the tropics and observe many species of animals.

We visited Costa Rica for 2 weeks each, so we offer you itineraries to visit Costa Rica for 2 weeks, 3 weeks or 1 month. These travel guides will help you to organize your stay in the best possible way. You will also find practical information for your trip at the bottom of this page.


Itineraries of our 2 weeks in Costa Rica

Travel to Costa Rica : what to do?

There are many must-see attractions to do in Costa Rica! The country is very green, it also contains 5% of the world’s biodiversity and is home to around 500,000 species of animals. Costa Rica is therefore the ideal destination for those who love nature.

To preserve its natural treasure, 25% of the territory is protected and measures are put in place: strict ban on hunting, ecotourism, the first carbon neutral economy… In short, Costa Rica is an open-air zoo – we are there. love animals and we protect them. During this 2 week trip to Costa Rica, Yann visited the North of the country with a “classic” circuit, while I went to the South for a stay away from the beaten track. Whether you want to go to Costa Rica for 2 weeks, 3 weeks or 1 month, our travel guides (which you can combine or mix) will help you organize your vacation!

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Road Trip in Costa Rica : how to organize

We had the chance to spend 2 weeks in Costa Rica with the travel agency ElTucanViajero. She assisted us in creating our tailor-made itinerary and accompanied us throughout our stay. We like the possibility of having control over our itinerary 🤓 The team is very serious, attentive and responsive on site. Whether it is for simple questions or for assistance in the event of a puncture (like Aurélie not to quote her 😜), it is very reassuring! Then the estimate is free and we were sincerely surprised at the prices.

If you wish to contact the agency to inquire about the trip, your itinerary and prices, just write to them by email at the following address : [email protected]

Let’s start with the question that came up the most during our stay! Indeed, we left for Costa Rica at the start of the rainy season in May and were not spoiled by the weather.

☀️ From what we could hear there, the best period is from November to April.

🌧 The rainy season therefore extends from May to October. Note that, on the coast, the rains rarely last all day. It is in the center of the country that it can be wetter.

To date (June 2021), you need specific insurance to go to Costa Rica. Chapka offers a formula adapted to the conditions imposed by the country. To get a quote, it’s here.

We allow ourselves to talk about Chapka because it is a reliable insurance company that we have been using for years (even before we were bloggers). We were also charged twice for hospitalizations abroad (Australia and Cambodia) and everything went very well.

✈️ We recommend that you compare the best deals and book your flights on Skyscanner.

🚗 The car is the most practical way to be autonomous and manage your time. But the country remains relatively well served by bus for small budgets.

  • For families: Costa Rica is suitable for families, with many Americans vacationing there given its proximity to the country. Children (and adults) will greatly enjoy observing the animals in the wild as well as outdoor activities such as the zip line. Strictly speaking, there is no danger and the national parks are very well equipped to welcome tourists in complete safety.
  • For single women: I went to Costa Rica alone for 2 weeks and at no time did I feel insecure, on the contrary! I have never been solicited or harassed by men on the spot, the exchanges were always in the greatest respect. The usual precautions of course remain to be applied, as everywhere (example: do not walk alone at 3 am by the side of the road). Avoid the streets of the capital in the evening which are known to be a little creepy. But if you follow our routes, be aware that we do not visit San José.

In terms of fauna, there are dangerous species and commonly hated insects (spiders, scorpions…) but I was lucky not to come across any.

For accommodation in Costa Rica, you will find plenty of deals on

Costa Rica is not a cheap destination. In particular because of its proximity to the United States, the prices are rather high. Here is a non-agency budget estimate for your 2-week trip to Costa Rica:

  • ✈️ Plane : 600€ per person – average from Europe
  • 🚗 Car rental : 400€ for 2 weeks
  • ⛽️ Gasoline costs : 100€ for around 1,500 km traveled (€ 0.90 per liter of fuel)
  • 😴 Hotels : 70€ average per night in low season
  • 🌮  Restaurants : 30€ per day per person for 2 meals

Total = € 3,100 for a 14-night stay, i.e. € 1,550 per person.

Note: you must add to this the costs of activities and entries in national parks, waterfalls… which are quite substantial.

To date (June 9, 2021) by need of a compelling reason or PCR test to get to Costa Rica. On the other hand, negative test of less than 72 hours required for the return in certain countries.

🚨 What happens if I test positive for Covid-19?

If you test positive you must isolate yourself for 14 days on site at your expense. Insurance is also compulsory to travel to Costa Rica with a minimum coverage of 2000 €. See the section “Which insurance to choose” above.

😷 Is the mask compulsory?

The mask is not compulsory except in transport and shops as well as in San José.

Before your departure, we recommend that you consult this website for the latest updates.

Whether it’s the rainy season or not, don’t forget your waterproof jacket! The weather changes very quickly in Costa Rica and you can experience several seasons in a day 🤪 Hiking shoes or sneakers that are not afraid of water if possible for access to the waterfalls. Obviously a sunscreen (which respects biodiversity), because do not forget that the country is located near the equator and that is not forgiving!

More information for your trip to Costa Rica

To establish a quote with the agency El Tucan Viajero, write to the e-mail [email protected]