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Road trip in Brittany : visit Morbihan

A week in Morbihan : our road trip in Brittany

For our second road trip in Brittany, we decided to visit the Morbihan. After our passage in Finistère last year, we were anxious to put our feet on the Breton soil again ! During one week, we discovered the Gulf of Morbihan. On the seaside, the landscapes are fabulous. On the land side, we appreciated the still preserved nature of Brittany.

Just for you, we visited one city of Morbihan per day, in order to concoct the best itinerary for your road trip in Brittany. In this article, you will find all our detailed steps with ideas of activities, places to see and our good addresses.  If you follow our itinerary to the letter, we advise you to spend more time at each step, because we found it too fast!

If you feel like visiting other parts of our beautiful country, we suggest you many other itineraries in France on this page. 

Road trip in Brittany : practical information

Brittany is often mocked for its weather… Is it a myth? Whether it is last year or this year, we really do not see much rain during our tours in Finistère and Morbihan. So maybe we are lucky, or maybe the Bretons are spreading rumors to avoid being overrun by tourists.

If you come from far away, the airports of Nantes or Lorient are the most convenient to start your stay in Morbihan! Find your plane ticket on Ulysse. This is the comparator that we always use and it is here that we make the best deals.

What is the ideal period for a road trip in Brittany?

It depends on the year of course, but you will have more chance to have a nice weather between June and September. As everywhere, August is the busiest month of the year. However, do not worry, the tourist influx is much less suffocating than on the French Riviera, even in high season!

How to get around in Morbihan?

Well, the principle of a road trip is to have a vehicle. So, we rented a car! We advise you to do the same because public transportation can be a pain. Compare the best offers for your car rental.

? Rent a van for your road trip in Brittany: it can be great too. We saw quite a few on the road, there are incredible spots on the Morbihan coast to enjoy your trip. Find the perfect van on Skyscanner.

The tides

Brittany is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean. You will have to adapt your program according to the tides. To know the high and low tide times, type on Google “(city) + tide”. For information, the tide changes by 6 hour cycles. The coastal landscapes are (to our taste) more beautiful at high tide, because that is when the waters are bluest!

Road trip in Brittany : one week tour and itinerary in Morbihan

Brittany travel itinerary

Carnac – Day 1 

Let’s go for a road trip in Brittany and for our first steps in Morbihan! From Nantes airport, it takes 1 hour and 40 minutes to reach the town of Carnac. There are plenty of activities and beautiful landscapes in Carnac.


What to do in Carnac in Morbihan ?

Eat the best Breton galette of your life: as you know, we love to eat. So, what could be more natural than to start this itinerary in Morbihan with a good galette! Really, we are not exaggerating it was excellent. The pastry was crispy, but not too fatty. The ingredients were also delicious. Cherry on the cake: the decoration and the front of the crêperie are great! Go to Chez Auguste without hesitation.

?Okay, we enjoyed ourselves, but it is still summer. Then it is necessary to eliminate that! So we tested for the first time the concept of the palm hike with Yoan. In addition to being very nice, Yoan is a French champion of longe côte (yes, it exists too). So, to come back to snorkeling, it is a simple activity and accessible to all. So, we put on our flippers for an hour to discover Carnac from the ocean. Do not worry, you are helped by a float so you do not get too exhausted.

Carnac morbihan


Then, we suggest you go to the beach of Ty Bihan for a little walk on the Sentier des Douaniers. Here is the GPS point.

of the parking to park. We suggest you to walk to the beach of Saint-Colomban by the coastal path. The Pointe Saint-Colomban is magnificent (see pictures below). Prefer the high tide: the landscapes will be more beautiful! To come back to the parking lot, either turn around or take the road, which is faster.

carnac Brittany


Our favorite part of Carnac was meeting Maxime, the owner of Cochennec oysters. He told us about his job as an oyster farmer and explained how his oysters were raised. After that, it was time for a tasting, with other seafood and white wine of course. The oysters are delicious, the quality is there. The terrace that he installed is too beautiful and allows to admire the sun setting on the Anse du Pô. We advise you not to miss this place! A magical moment:

Carnac oyster tasting

anse du po carnac

Before leaving Carnac, do not miss the visit of the megalithic sites of the city with its famous menhirs. We discovered them by Mobilboard (Segway). Again, a first time and it was great! Despite what we thought, it is very easy to handle. Reservation of the excursion here – Price: 40€ per adult. On the website, you will see other less expensive alternative tours, prices start at 18€ for the initiation.

segway carnac

Where to eat and sleep in Carnac ?

  • A good address for dinner in the center of Carnac is La Potinière. The terrace is great and the roasted camembert is a real treat! Good value for money.
  • We spent a night at the Churchill hotel. The sea view from our room was great ! The breakfast is excellent: choice and local products. Small plus: there is a swimming pool.

Booking hotels in Carnac

Arzon – Day 2

The itinerary of our road trip in Brittany continues in Arzon, a short hour’s drive from Carnac. That is it, you are entering the territory of the famous Gulf of Morbihan.

What to do in Arzon in Morbihan ?


Hike on the circuit des Pointes, which is part of the GR34 (the path that goes around Brittany). You will cross several points on the coast, which allows you to admire the Gulf of Morbihan and its numerous islands.  Count 4 hours for 15 km of walking to complete this hike. You can shorten it if you wish. See the itinerary

arzon hiking

Take a walk in Port Navalo, the gateway to the Gulf of Morbihan. This little place is very charming, with its lighthouse, its restaurants and its shops.

You can also go kayaking in the Gulf of Morbihan with a guide. He will explain you everything about the fauna and the flora of the surroundings, it was very interesting ! We advise you not to venture out alone on the Gulf. Indeed, the currents are very strong in some places and it can be dangerous.

what to do in arzon

 For the sunset, go to the beach of Fogeo.

arzon morbihan

Where to eat and sleep in Arzon ?

  • ?For fish and seafood lovers, try the restaurant Le Marin. 100% fresh products. The view from the terrace on the lighthouse of Port Navalo is great.
  • ?We stayed at the hotel le Crouesty. The room was very quiet. Even if the decoration of the rooms is a bit old, the one of the restaurant and the reception is superb.

See and book hotels in Arzon

Vannes & Arz Island – Day 3

Vannes was a good surprise during our road trip in Brittany! This fortified city is full of character.

What to do in Vannes ?

Take a walk. Its old town has many narrow streets and medieval doors. Colorful half-timbered buildings also bring a lot of charm.

road trip in Brittany


For street art lovers, head to the Dédale café, a cultural Mecca until the end of 2019. The city also has a museum of fine arts, La Cohue. We loved walking around the city center and getting lost in the alleys.

visit Vannes

Going to the Arz Island

The port of Vannes, a few meters from the city center, allows you to have a direct access to the Gulf of Morbihan. We took the opportunity to go to a small paradise: the Arz Island. Only 20 minutes away by boat, this quiet and green island is a real pleasure to ride a bike. The tour takes about 2 hours! The coastline is beautiful, but the village in the heart of the island is also worth seeing. To reserve your bike : Arz Locations at 06 73 58 72 33.

Arz Island morbihan

Where to eat and sleep in Vannes ?

  • Le P’tit Belon : in the heart of Vannes, the place is small and very warm. The service and the quality of the products are excellent. We advise you to taste the trio of fish rillettes!
  • L’Annexe : You want to treat yourself ? Go to Elise and David’s restaurant for a high quality meal. The cuisine is creative and refined, you can go there with your eyes closed. The quality-price ratio is excellent for the meals we discovered.
  • Hôtel le Bretagne **  : Located in the center but very quiet! Ideal to fully enjoy a short stay in Vannes.

Booking of hotels in Vannes 

Damgan – Day 4

This town, located 30 minutes south of Vannes, has a long coastline overlooking the ocean and the river Penerf.

What to do in Damgan ?

We went to the port of Pénerf to enjoy a nice lunch on the terrace and a drink at the Bistrot du Port at Aurélie’s just across the street. The village is small but very cute.

❤️Take a look at the boutique Les Rêves de Bernique. Opened in June 2019, this store is run by a couple of travelers. They had the good idea of importing decorative items from their many travels, making local artisans work.

visit Morbihan

?A hiking trail along the coastline of about 5 km is accessible from the port. An opportunity to discover the work of the oyster farmers and the coastal landscapes.

road trip in Morbihan

visit Morbihan in a week

? We borrowed bicycles from the hotel to ride along the coast to the tip of Kervoyal.

road trip in Brittany

what to do in Morbihan

Where to eat in Damgan ?

  • Café Pêcheur : nice terrace, warm welcome and good galettes (among others).

Book a hotel in Damgan 

La Roche Bernard – Day 6

The village of La Roche-Bernard has a lot of charm! You will find many small flowered streets, a port located on the river Vilaine and good places to eat. It is a must for your road trip in Brittany in the Morbihan.


What to do in La Roche Bernard ?

Rent an electric boat on the river. We loved this activity: nature and peace of mind guaranteed! Even if you do not have a boat license, it is possible to rent one. Boats for 5 and 8 people are available. See prices here LIEN

visit la roche bernard

A 6 km hike is also available from the village. The trail will take you through nature and over the two suspension bridges north of the village. Itinerary LIEN

what to do in Brittany

?For a sea kayak outing, head for Billiers to discover the Saint Éloi river, its old salt marshes and its small islands! For more information, contact Romain at 06 88 05 02 98.

what to do in Morbihan

 Where to eat and sleep in La Roche Bernard ?

  • Restaurant les 2 Magots : probably one of our best meals of the week ! Excellent from the starter to the dessert. The terrace on the pretty square is nice.
  • Sarah B : very good address to enjoy a board and an aperitif with a view on the sunset from the terrace. The interior is very design !
  • Hôtel Les 2 Magots : in the heart of the village, an atypical hotel in an old building with a very warm welcome and two styles of rooms, all renovated : vintage or modern.

See all hotels in La Roche-Bernard 

La Baule / Guérande – Day 6

We left the Morbihan to discover La Baule Guérande for a weekend. With its 9 km of coastline, La Baule has the largest beach in Europe with the neighboring towns of Le Pouliguen and Pornichet and offers many activities.

What to do in La Baule ?

The nice weather allowed us to have lunch with our feet in the sand at the restaurant Les Albatros. We highly recommend it, the setting is beautiful and the service excellent!

For a digestive stroll, we recommend renting bikes to discover the Côte Sauvage north of La Baule. For quality electric bikes, go to Chaillou Location . Price: 19€ for half a day. The store also offers classic bikes.

visit la baule

?? Enjoy a relaxing moment at the Thalasso & SPA Rivage. We tested the 20-minute duo relaxation massage: the best of the best! The indoor and outdoor marine spa is also ideal.

la Baule weekend

  1. What to do around La Baule ?

    1. Visit Guérande : Take the time to go to Guérande, a medieval city located 15 minutes from La Baule. The center is pedestrian and has a lot of charm. Many craft and flower stores brighten up the alleys, we loved it!
    2. Discover Kerhinet: Not far away, the picturesque village of Kerhinet is also worth seeing. The 18 thatched buildings have been restored, you would think you were in another era.
    3. For a total change of scenery, go to the regional natural park of La Brière, to the port of Bréca more precisely. You will be able to discover the 2nd largest marsh of France on board a barge (boat without engine). We tested the company l’Arche Briéronne and they are very serious. Count 9,50€ per adult for 1 hour of stroll with a guide.
    4. Renting a boat around La Baule is an excellent idea for an unforgettable travel experience. Sail along the magnificent coastline, discover unspoilt beaches and secluded coves, and let yourself be seduced by the wild beauty of this maritime region. Click here to learn more.


what to do in la baule

Where to eat and sleep in La Baule ?

  • Les Albatros : as mentioned above, it is perfect for a lunch with your feet in the sand! Special mention to the waitress for her energy and kindness.
  • Restaurant le M : we had dinner at the M the night of the music festival. Good atmosphere The terrace is very pleasant and ideally located. Prices a little high.
  • Hôtel Alcyon : Quiet, in the center and with parking. Very good reception.

Find your hotel in La Baule 

Pénestin – Day 7

For our last step of this road trip in Brittany, we went back to the Morbihan, to Pénestin ! This town has 25 kilometers of coast. It is very famous for the breeding of mussels. If you want to learn more about this profession, go to the lighthouse of Tréhiguier, transformed into the House of Mussel Farming.

What to do in Pénestin ?

Many tourists come to admire the famous beach of the Gold Mine. These cliffs with golden colors are due to the passage of an old river which flowed in a valley, now disappeared. The beach of fine sand is very large, ideal to settle down in all peace.

penestin beach

Where to eat in Pénestin ?

  • Restaurant le Commerce : well located in the city center, authentic setting and excellent galettes !
  • Les Pieds dans l’eau : located on the seaside, we recommend you to go there for dinner to have a beautiful sunset. It is very wild, the beach is huge and almost deserted, a real happiness. The service and the dishes are very good: everything is fresh and home-made.

See the hotels of Pénestin 

  • That is it! You now know everything about our week in Morbihan and our road trip in Brittany. If you hesitate between Morbihan and Finistère for your stay in Brittany: we personally preferred the landscapes of Finistère. We found more beautiful beaches there. To discover other Breton territories, we invite you to consult the following articles:
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