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What to do in Leysin – Les Mosses in summer ? Visit Switerzland

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Visit Switzerland : the Canton of Vaud

Switzerland is a beautiful country! We went to the Canton of Vaud to visit Leysin and les Mosses, two mountain resorts located at 1 hour from Lausanne. If you want to visit Switzerland, the mountains of the Canton of Vaud are a good starting point.

Visit Switzerland: practical information

If you are planning to visit Switzerland, here are some basic information to know beforehand:

  • The currency used in Switzerland is the Swiss franc. At the current rate, 1 € = 1.15 CHF. It is always better to change your money on the spot or to withdraw it from an ATM on the spot according to your bank charges.
  • The highways do not have tolls as in France. At the border, you will have to pay a vignette which costs 40 CHF (35€). This may seem like a lot at first, but it is well below the annual cost of tolls for the French!
  • The highway is limited to 120 km/h. The fixed speed cameras are not indicated by signs like in France! Be careful because the fines can be very very expensive.
  • Swiss salaries are much higher than in France. This has consequences on the cost of living.


The language of the Canton of Vaud

Yes, we speak French in the Canton of Vaud! But there are still some terms that can be surprising. Here are some examples:

  • Linge = towel
  • Cornet = plastic bag
  • Service = you are welcome
  • Parquer = to park
  • Souper = dinner


Station Col des Mosses, Switzerland

The Lioson Lake

The Lioson Lake is a magnificent mountain lake which culminates at 1850 m of altitude. When the weather is good, you will be amazed by its emerald color.

To access the lake, park at the Lioson d’en Bas parking lot: see on the map. We had a hard time finding it, but it saves a lot of walking distance!

The climb to the lake is rather steep. From the parking lot, count 30 to 45 minutes depending on your motivation. You will have to face about 300m of positive difference in altitude.

After this effort, you will arrive at Lake Lioson, perched in the middle of the mountains. The courageous can even swim or go pedal boating (CHF 10.- per half hour). We simply walked around the lake to enjoy the scenery and take pictures. In winter, the snow-covered landscape must also be beautiful!

what to do in switzerland

les mosses switzerland

visit switzerland

Activités : Les Mosses

The village of the Mosses is located in a green nature with several hiking routes. There is a center with small and large chalets nearby. If you are looking for nature, calm and beautiful views you will not be disappointed!

In winter, Mosses is attached to the ski area of Leysin and La Lécherette, which offer more than 100 km of ski runs. It is very well adapted to families with its learning facilities. There are also 42 km of cross-country ski trails and 38 km of snowshoe trails!

visit switzerland

Where to sleep in the Mosses ?

We had the chance to live a privileged moment at the B&B Fleur des Alpes. Indeed, we were welcomed in a very warm way by Denis & Urs in this big chalet. The hosts do not advertise, their B&B works only by word of mouth to keep a family and intimate side. Denis, a chef by trade, prepares the dinner with fresh products exclusively and according to your budget! The menu is adapted and thought for you. Each room is decorated with love by Urs, florist by profession. The breakfast is very copious and can be taken on the outdoor terrace facing the mountains!

Price: double room at CHF 135.00 with breakfast. You can also stay in a single room, a             dormitory or a 2 room apartment.

Reservation: B&B Fleur des Alpes

b&b fleur des alpes

b&b fleur des alpes

Resort Leysin, Switzerland

visit switzerland

What to do in Leysin ?

After this beautiful night at the Col des Mosses, we took the road to Leysin, 20 minutes away by car. When we arrived, we went straight up with the gondola to the top of the Berneuse. From there, you have hiking trails with a beautiful panorama. We wanted to see the Lac de Mayen but it was clearly in lack of water because of the hot weather

Leysin, Switzerland

Leysin, Switzerland


After 2 hours of walking, we came back to the arrival of the gondola to have lunch at the panoramic rotating restaurant “Le Kuklos”. The platform of the restaurant turns on itself, which makes it possible to observe the sight with 360° the time of the lunch! A good idea to contemplate the whole landscape at 2048m altitude. It is the only restaurant of this type in French-speaking Switzerland. You will have a breathtaking view of Lake Leman, the Alps and the Mont-Blanc.


Paragliding experience in Leysin

After a few moments of digestion, we are ready for our first paragliding experience with Panpam Airline! With this panorama, the place is ideal for this activity. We made a simultaneous flight in order to see each other flying and to film each other. The sensation is incredible, you really feel like a bird! If you are afraid of heights, no need to say that we do not recommend it.

Price : CHF 160.00 and CHF 50.00 for the photos and HD videos taken by the monitor during the flight.

Leysin paragliding

Activities : Leysin

To recover from these emotions, we went straight to tennis with a view on the mountains! The resort of Leysin offers many activities such as tennis, badmin-ton, squash, swimming, mountain biking, mini-golf, climbing… Impossible to get bored!

Since July, in Leysin and Les Mosses, there is an outdoor “Art Nature” exhibition called Ailyos. Numerous works of art have been immersed in nature for a period of one year. The primary intention is to make people aware of the nature in which they live.

Find all the information about Leysin and Les Mosses on the website of the tourist office.

Leysin, Switzerland

 Have you noticed that the mountain has a face?

Leysin, Switzerland

Where to sleep in Leysin ?

We ended this beautiful day at the Grand Chalet. The view from this hotel is magnificent, especially from the jacuzzi available to guests. The rooms are large and comfortable. We ate one of the best fondues of our life!

Price: double room from CHF 140.00

where to sleep in Leysin

Where to stay in Leysin

 This article is the result of a collaboration with the Office du tourisme du Canton de Vaud, which does not change our opinions and experiences shared with you!

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    • Amoureux du Monde
      8 February 2023 at 21 h 49 min

      Hi ! Thanks a lot for your message 🙂 Unfortunately not, sorry 🙁


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