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Plan a trip to Mexico : Travel Blog Tips

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Tips for planning your trip to Mexico

If you follow us on Instagram, you could follow our 2 weeks road trip in Mexico! It was probably our most beautiful trip, but we will cover it in detail later. Many of you told us that you too, wanted to discover this destination. So, we are going to help you plan your trip to Mexico.

Tips for a trip to Mexico

First, you need to define what you would like to see. Beautiful beaches? Mountains? Waterfalls? Temples? Landscapes in Mexico are very varied, and this is what makes this country so appealing to us. The most touristic regions are Yucatan and Quintana Roo. These are the two that we discovered, and we will suggest a route in the coming days.

Plane ticket

✈️ We found a great deal at the last minute thanks to Skyscanner for the London Gatwick – Cancun trip: 290€ with Tui. Duration of the outbound flight: 10 hours 30 – Duration of the return flight: 9 hours

Make sure you always look for airports nearby because there are ways to really get good deals!

When to go to Mexico?

If you want to travel to Yucatan and Quintana Roo, here are the best times to go:

Although temperatures are always high in Mexico, there still are two seasons. The dry one runs from November to May. The wet season peaks in August and September, with frequent heavy rains in the evenings. During this period, temperatures and humidity can be quite oppressive.

We therefore advise you to leave during the green periods as shown in the graph above. At best, we recommend you not to do what we did and avoid the US spring break in and Semana Santa (Easter vacations in Mexico).

Travel to Mexico: Dangers?

You asked us the question: is Mexico dangerous? It is true that we tend to picture some Central and South American countries as dangerous ones, especially because of drug trafficking and of movies….

Zero risk does not exist anywhere, but we never felt unsafe during our trip. Yucatan and Quintana Roo are two very touristy regions, so they are very closely watched. On the road, there are police roadblocks everywhere. Even in the evening, we felt no danger at all.

Budget for a 2-week trip to Mexico

⇒ Transportation in Mexico: We strongly recommend that you rent a car to get around. For a cheap one, you will have to pay a minimum of 11€ per day. We chose to take a compact car to travel more comfortable and it cost us 14€ per day.

Gas costs 0.80€ per liter (price in March 2018). We drove 2,400 km, so we had to pay 150€ for gas.

Alternative to the car: the big cities are very well served by buses, ask for the ADO company, which is comfortable.

⇒ Accommodation in Mexico: There is something for every budget, but to compare, Mexico is really more expensive than Southeast Asia. You will find Airbnb in Mexico for 30€ and hotels for 50€. It’s really hard to say because prices vary a lot from one city to another. Yet we advise you to set for an average budget of 50€ per night for a comfortable hotel with air conditioning. Selection of hotels here

⇒ Food in Mexico: Once again, there is something for everyone! You can eat very well for 3€ per meal but also for 10€. It depends if you eat street food (tacos) or if you go to a “real” restaurant. On average, we spent 15€ per person and per day on food.

⇒ Activities in Mexico: Activities in Yucatan and Quintana Roo are relatively expensive. As soon as you want to go on a boat trip for example, prices go up. On the other hand, the entrances to the cenotes and beaches are more or less reasonable (5€ or less per person most of the time).

💌 Budget total for 2 weeks : 175€ for travel, 350€ for accommodation, 210€ for food, 150€ for activities. So, a total of 885€ per person without the plane ticket.

*budget given as an indication, according to our travel mode. You may spend less or much more!

We hope we have answered all your questions. Otherwise, please do not hesitate to leave a comment telling us what you would like to know.

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