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Travel to Morocco – Organize your stay

Are you planning a travel to Morocco soon? In this article, you will find all you need to know before leaving: practical information, budget…

Article on our Morocco travel itinerary

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➳Jet lag: -1H
➳ Flight time from France: 3H30 direct

➳ Airline tickets from 80€ from Paris
➳Capital: Rabat
➳Visa required: no
➳ Main language: Arabic – French very well spoken
➳ Currency: Moroccan Dirham (MAD) / 1 EUR = 11.30 MAD

When to leave for your trip to Morocco?

Clearly, do not do what we do! In fact, we like to concoct little charts for you on the blog but we do not apply them for us… Yes, we left in the middle of the red period. Concretely, if you plan your trip to Morocco between April and October, you do not take too many risks regarding the weather. However, beware of the extreme heat in Marrakech in July-August! Note that in Agadir, the climate is very favorable all year round.

What activities are available to discover Morocco ?

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What to take in your suitcase?

There is not much more to pack than what you usually bring in your luggage! Think about sun cream and mosquito repellent for the summer, these are things that we tend to leave at home and we end up having to buy mini-sprays at 15€.

What to wear when you are a woman during your trip to Morocco?

I do not teach you anything, Morocco is a Muslim state. Even if Moroccans are rather         open-minded, it seems important to me to respect the morals of the country in which we travel. I am speaking personally, I would feel uncomfortable wearing a very short dress or a very low cut top in a place where it is not a custom. After that it is up to you, everyone wears what they like!

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What budget to plan for 10 days of travel in Morocco?

Car rental: 25€ per day with Europcar
Gasoline expenses: 105€ for 10 days and 1500 km (1€/L)
Food: between 20 and 40€ for 2 people/day
Lodging: between 20 and 80€ per night

For a 10 day trip to Morocco, it is necessary to count about 580€ per person.
*budget given as an indication according to our travel habits without airfare

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