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Top 5 waterfalls in Guadeloupe

Guadeloupe waterfall


Guadeloupe is full of waterfalls and rivers to discover. Most of them are located on Basse-Terre, that is to say on the western part of the archipelago. Nature lovers and hikers will enjoy walking through the jungle to enjoy a waterfall. This is why we have listed the top 5 waterfalls in Guadeloupe!

Be careful, the climate is very humid on Basse-Terre! We advise you to equip yourself with good shoes because the paths are often muddy and slippery.

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1 ā€“ Ā Our favorite waterfall: The Paradise Basin

For us, it is the most beautiful waterfall that we have seen in Guadeloupe. The name alone makes you want to see it, admit it! The color of the water at the Paradise Basin is really sublime and in addition to that, the access is not very complicated because it is done by a fitted out path. On the road to the Chutes du Carbet, park along the road about 200m after the bridge over the Grosse Corde River. You will see a small yellow sign on the right indicating Bassin Paradise with stairs going down steeply. Take the stairs and just follow the path. When you arrive, be aware that if you continue to walk a bit, there is a small waterfall with a hot spring at over 30 degrees 200 meters downstream from the river.

Guadeloupe waterfall

2 ā€“ The Bassin Bleu

Again, the name of this waterfall is rather evocative. The Bassin Bleu is a peaceful and beautiful place. As you can imagine, the color of the water is superb. No difficulty to reach it in 20 minutes of walking – small precision: we continued as far as possible by car on the path, we did not stop where everyone was parking so it saved us a good half hour of travel. So do not hesitate to explore to get to the limit if you are having a lazy day like us!


Guadeloupe waterfall

One thing not to miss once you are there… As we said, do not be satisfied with what you see and always look for more, it is often there that we have nice surprises. To the right of the Blue Basin, you will see a rope that allows you to climb 5-6 meters high to reach the top of the waterfall. Then continue a few meters to reach another waterfall, much more beautiful. We were alone in the world while there were about ten people at the Bassin Bleu… it is a moment of our trip that marked us, we felt so alive! We let you discover the photos of this beautiful find.

Guadeloupe waterfall

Ā 3 ā€“ The Acomat jump

The Acomat jump is located at the place called Les Plaines, between Mahaut and Pointe-Noire. The path is not marked and is not recommended in case of heavy rain. The access is quite steep and can be slippery but there are no major difficulties on this path. This waterfall is very pretty and popular on weekends for a walk in the rainforest. The color of the water is incredible!

Guadeloupe waterfall

4 ā€“ The Saut de la LĆ©zarde

Officially, access to Saut de la LĆ©zarde was closed to the public following Hurricane Maria (when we were there in December 2017). Still, we gave it a shot and we were not the only valiant ones who wanted to see this waterfall. On the way there, we had taken the wrong path… So it was really difficult, very steep and full of mud because of the humidity. After 10 minutes of descent through the jungle, we asked ourselves several times if we should not turn back. Finally, we arrived safely at our destination. We took another way to return, which was easier and especially shorter.

To park, avoid the parking lot of the old abandoned restaurant that some people indicate on TripAdvisor. Be careful with your parked car, there are a lot of windshields that were shattered while tourists were driving to Saut de la LĆ©zarde. We had parked along the road to be in plain sight.

Guadeloupe waterfall

5- The Crayfish Waterfall

The Crayfish Waterfall is easily accessible by a 10 minute walk along a path. It is located on the famous road of the Crossing. You will have to park on the Parking indicated by the signs. This waterfall is very pleasant to refresh yourself. On the other hand, it is very busy, due to the fact that it is so easy to access.

There is also a picnic area a few meters away.

Guadeloupe waterfall

We hope you enjoyed our top waterfalls in Guadeloupe! Feel free to tell us which ones you liked best in the comments. We will also answer all your questions about directions and other things!

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