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Itinerary : What to do in Guadeloupe ? Our Advices

road trip guadeloupe

What to do in Guadeloupe ? Itinerary 2 weeks

You are going on a trip to the West Indies and you wonder what to do in Guadeloupe? We detail in this article our 2 weeks itinerary in Guadeloupe! You will find all the practical advices (budget, car rental, plane etc.) at the end of the article.

Guadeloupe : What to do and what to see ?

Waterfalls, hikes in the jungle, heavenly beaches… The list of Guadeloupe’s must-sees is long! Lovers of idleness or adventurers, everyone will find his account there. For that, it is essential to rent a vehicle to move around and be free of its movements (compare prices and book a car here).

To summarize, the islands of Guadeloupe are divided into two large parts which offer very diversified landscapes :

    • Grande-Terre: This is the part where most of the white sand beaches and the airport of Pointe-à-Pitre are located. The south of Grande-Terre is the most touristic and seaside area.
    • Basse-Terre: Basse-Terre, the wilder part, is full of a thousand wonders and is home to the Guadeloupe National Park. It is here that the famous volcano of La Soufrière is located, and there are many waterfalls and hikes. There are also beaches, black or golden sand.

Itinerary : What to do in Guadeloupe during 2 weeks ?

Our itinerary in Guadeloupe is also adaptable over 10 days, because we took 2 or 3 days of forced rest because of the rain. If you only have one week, you will have to make choices!

Day 1 (Grande-Terre : Saint-François)

Welcome to Guadeloupe! As soon as you get off the plane at Pointe-à-Pitre airport, we recommend that you head directly to the east of Grande-Terre: to Saint-François. You can stay there for 3 or 4 nights! This is a good place to start exploring the treasures of Grande-Terre. Recover from the trip with a restful night’s sleep, we will get down to business the next day.

✈️ Click here to compare the best deals

Where to stay in Saint-François?

  • At Studio 1701 Estelle Manganao, modern and equipped with a kitchenette to cook! The residence also benefits from a magnificent swimming pool and a beautiful location.
  • For those who prefer to stay in a hotel, the establishment La Christophine is splendid in all points! It is located right on the beach and has a beautiful pool.

💌 See the other best accommodation offers in Saint-François

pierre et vacances guadeloupe

Day 2 (Grande-Terre)

Sunrise at Pointe des Châteaux, Saint-François

La Pointe des Châteaux is located on the eastern side of Grande-Terre. We advise you to go there to admire the sunrise. The light reflects on the wild beaches, the waves crash on the huge rocks that border the water… it is a magical moment!

Once the sun is up, take the opportunity to climb to the top of the peninsula where there is a cross. You will have a superb view of the surrounding islands. Apparently, you can even see whales depending on the season.

trip to guadeloupe

🛩 Microlight flight over the lagoons of Saint-François

Ready to fly? The lagoons are even more splendid seen from the sky. Click here to book your microlight flight.

🚿La Douche, Saint-François

The photo below posted on our Instagram account is enough to illustrate the natural phenomenon of La Douche. Here are the GPS coordinates of the place. We recommend going in the morning to have the chance to be alone in the small pool and quietly enjoy the huge waves. It is on the way back from Pointe des Châteaux, so it is a good opportunity to go there right after.

Please note : do not go if the sea is flat because there will be no waves 😉.


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☀️Relaxing on the beach or going out in a transparent kayak

For your afternoon, we leave you the choice. Either you can go and relax on the beautiful Raisins Clairs beach… Or you can rent a transparent kayak from Hanao Kayak to discover the lagoon of Saint-François and its crystal clear water!

what to do in Guadeloupe

Day 3 (Petite-Terre)

Excursion to the nature reserve of Petite-Terre

Do you dream of seeing turtles, lemon sharks, leopard rays and lots of pretty fish? Then book your excursion to the island of Petite-Terre now. From Saint-François, discover a magnificent protected natural reserve. After about 1h30 of crossing on a catamaran, you will be disembarked on the beach for the day! On the program of festivities: snorkeling in the crystal clear waters, stroll on Petite-Terre to discover the fauna and flora, followed by an aperitif and barbecue on the beach.

💌 We did the excursion with Uhaïna Croisières. We 100% recommend this family business that respects not only its customers, but also the precious environment of the reserve! Plan on a full day (7:30am to 5:30pm).

petite terre excursion

Day 4 (North Grande-Terre)

Between cliffs and beaches

For this 4th day of our road trip itinerary in Guadeloupe, we recommend you to explore the north of Grande-Terre. Here is a proposal of places to visit: click here for the GPS itinerary

    • La Porte d’Enfer and its lagoon, in which you can swim safely because it is not very deep! There is a hike to do along the coast for the most motivated.
    • The Pointe de la Grande Vigie, the northernmost point of Grande-Terre. Go there to admire the huge cliffs that can reach 80 meters high.

what to do in Guadeloupe

  • L’Anse Castalia, a beautiful and little frequented place. You will reach the beach/creek in 10 minutes walking through the jungle. Be careful, it can be slippery if it rains.

road trip guadeloupe

  • L’Anse Laborde, a beautiful beach where you can stop for Creole food at Le Coin des Bons Amis.

Guadeloupe beach

  • Take a tour of the beautiful town of Morne-à-l’eau and enjoy the magnificent seascape. The best is to discover it directly on the water, with this paddle excursion: book here!

For this program, you can either leave from Saint-François in the morning if you stay there, or from Sainte-Anne! In both cases, it will take you 1 hour to drive to the north. By the way, here are our recommendations:

Where to stay in Sainte-Anne?

  • We spent 4 nights at the Relais du Moulin, a charming hotel with a splendid setting and swimming pool. It is located 10 minutes from the center of Sainte-Anne.

💌 See other accommodations around Sainte-Anne

hotel saint Anne

Where to eat the best bokit in Sainte-Anne?

The Bokit is a specialty of Guadeloupe. It is a sandwich, filled to your liking, whose bread has been fried. Head to Fauvette’s snack bar, Les Délices Saintannais, to enjoy your bokit. There is sometimes a bit of a wait, but it is worth it!

Day 5 (Grande-Terre)

 Beaches to see around Sainte-Anne

  • According to us, the most beautiful beach near Sainte-Anne is the beach of Bois Jolan. Many locals meet there with friends to organize aperitifs and barbecues. We love this kind of atmosphere! The water is of a paradisiacal blue and it is very easy to find a quiet corner, hidden, in the shade of a palm tree so much the beach of Bois Jolan is long. Do not park at the main parking lot, go a little further!
  • The Caravelle Beach (the one of Club Med) is accessible for free. However, as it is not very wide, it can quickly become overrun. It is a beautiful spot for sunset, just like Bois Jolan.
  • The Plage du Petit Havre is also a wonderful place for swimming. For the amateurs, there is a surf spot known rather difficult from this beach.

guadeloupe beach

What to do in Gosier ? 

Le Gosier is an important city in the south of Grande-Terre in Guadeloupe. There are many hotels and trendy restaurants. Of course, there are also beautiful landscapes to see around!

    • After exploring the beaches around Sainte-Anne, we recommend you to go for lunch at Secret Mood, the first vegetarian / vegan restaurant on the island. The decoration is gorgeous (very Instagrammable) and we enjoyed ourselves: even Yann (a convinced carnivore) was won over by the burger. You also have the possibility to take away and enjoy your meals on one of the beaches of Gosier.

trip to guadeloupe

  • To digest, go spend the afternoon on the islet of Gosier: a true corner of paradise! You can swim there from the Plage de la Datcha, it is about 500 meters away. If you have business or if you are lazy (like me), a shuttle takes you there for 5€ round trip per person. The shuttle operates from 9am to 5pm.

Gosier islet Guadeloupe

It is time for you to leave the Grande-Terre to discover another aspect of Guadeloupe…

Itinerary 2 weeks : What to do in Guadeloupe ?

Guadeloupe : what to do in Basse-Terre ?

Day 6 (Basse-Terre)

Waterfalls hunters

The islands of Guadeloupe are full of sublime waterfalls and there is a lot to choose from! There would be more than three hundred of them, some of which are inaccessible. One of our followers on Instagram told us that the second name of Guadeloupe is Karukera. The Indians called it that because it translates as “the island of waterfalls”.

⚠️ The weather can be unstable on Basse-Terre. If it predicts a rainy day, do not go near water sources. The flow can accelerate very, very quickly and you could get stuck!

  • First step of this day: La Cascade Bis in Sainte-Rose. Very easy to reach (15 minutes) and still not very frequented, it is a real haven of peace. Be careful, as everywhere in Basse-Terre, the ground can be a little slippery if it rained.

Guadeloupe waterfall

  • After relaxing in this magical place, you can go to the Canyon de la Rivière Moustique. Again, this is a place off the beaten track. We leave you with some pictures and with the itinerary of the hike (only available in French sorry). Be careful: the access is complicated and slippery! Count 2h round trip approximately.

what to do in Guadeloupe

  • To access the (almost) secret natural hot springs, go here and walk for about ten minutes on the path. You will arrive at several pools, the highest being the hottest (40 degrees water)!

Guadeloupe itinerary 2 weeks

If you want to explore other waterfalls, find our top 5 of the most beautiful waterfalls of Guadeloupe. Do not miss the Bassin Paradise!

  • 🍻 Aperitif in Basse-Terre After your hikes, you will probably want to relax. Here are two excellent beer bars (and others of course): Le Bar de la Lekouz, located in an industrial-style hangar. You can have a bite to eat there and taste their beers which are brewed on site.

  • Le Bar de la Lézarde (my favorite), nestled in the heart of the jungle. Fast food is served there, the welcome is very friendly and they also have their own beers.

what to do in lowland

Where to stay in Basse-Terre?

For our first moments on Basse-Terre, we put our bags at the Gites Bacchus. Our little apartment was equipped with everything necessary to feel at home. The biggest plus of this establishment: the outdoor space (shared with the other guests) with the pool, the jacuzzi (extra) and the magnificent view.

The Gites Bacchus are well located in Petit-Bourg, to start exploring this part of the Guadeloupe itinerary.

basse terre guadeloupe

Day 7 (Basse-Terre)

The hike of La Soufrière

La Soufrière is the volcano of Basse-Terre, which is still active. It culminates at 1467 meters of altitude. We have not done it because the weather was not favorable for the whole time we spent near it. Indeed, the Soufrière would be really clear only 30 days a year on average. So, we do not want to take the risk to get tired to see nothing and to find ourselves in the fog or under the rain. A little weather advice given by seasoned locals: if you see Soufriere clear one day, it usually stays clear for 2 or 3 days. So as soon as you see the summit, go for it the next day! For the sunrise, it’s great.

📍 Access: You will be at the top of the volcano in 1 hour and 45 minutes. The hike therefore takes about 3 hours for a little over 6 km, with a positive difference in altitude of 492 meters. The view from up there promises to be exceptional. The departure is at the place called “Bains Jaunes”, where you can park your car. By the way, on the way back down, there is nothing better than to relax in the 30° water of the Bains Jaunes, which will also have revitalizing properties for your tired little muscles.

Soufriere hike

Scuba diving in the Cousteau Reserve

The Reserve Cousteau is a must for diving and snorkeling enthusiasts. The seabed is renowned for being magnificent! You can observe turtles, corals, different species of fish. A statue of Captain Cousteau is also present underwater. It is possible to see it by diving. I regret not being able to do it, because it is magnificent:

💌 Click here to book your first dive at the Cousteau Reserve

🐠 If you just want to snorkel, here is a great snorkeling tour to do!

Guadeloupe trip 2 weeks

For the rest of our 2 weeks itinerary in Guadeloupe, we recommend you to stay around Trois-Rivières because tomorrow: you are heading to other horizons! See the best hotel deals

Days 8 and 9 (Les Saintes islands)

Visit Les Saintes in Guadeloupe

Les Saintes are islands belonging to Guadeloupe, composed in two parts: Terre-de-Haut (the main one) and Terre-de-Bas. They have the chance to shelter one of the most beautiful bays in the world… it is easy to understand why. Visiting the Saintes is a must during a trip to Guadeloupe. We advise you to stay there for one night because it is one of those places where life is sweet. It would be a shame to cut short the pleasure.

🛥 The boat to Les Saintes (Terre-de-Haut) costs 23€ return per person with the company CTM Deher. Click here for schedules and rates

visit the saints

What to do on the Saintes in Guadeloupe ?

  • The island of Terre-de-Haut on the Saintes is all in relief. You have the choice, to visit independently, between renting a scooter, a golf cart or an electric bike. We chose the last option and rented from Green Car & Bike Location: 20€ a day per person, quality bikes.
  • Go up to Fort Napoleon as soon as possible to avoid the influx of tourists. The view on the bay is magnificent. You can also visit the interior of the Fort and learn more about the history of Les Saintes.
  • Take a tour of the island and the beaches, each of them has its own charm. Our favorite: The Pain de Sucre beach (perfect during the day and at sunset).
  • Taste the torments of love, a sweet specialty of the Saintes. A former fishing village, the women used to prepare this for their sailor husbands before their departure.
  • After a good night’s sleep, get up early to face the Camel hike. Do not do it like we did around noon: between the difference in level and the heat, (we thought we were going to die of desiccation on the spot).The itinerary allows you to observe the islands of the Saintes from every angle, it is absolutely sublime! Count 3 hours of walk from the center if you make the loop. Otherwise, 2 hours are enough for the round trip.

We did not have the opportunity to visit Terre-de-Bas, the less developed part of the Saintes.

the saints what to do

the saints guadeloupeDays 10 and 11 (Basse-Terre)

Discover the North of Basse-Terre, in Deshaies

  • Grande Anse Beach: one of the largest beaches in Basse-Terre. It is ideal if you want to feel alone in the world on a fine sand beach. Explore also the other beaches around: they are all beautiful and not very crowded.
  • Karacoli: this is THE trendy beach club! We came here to work while we got access to our accommodation, but it is also a great spot to spend the end of the day watching the sunset.
  • Jardin Botanique de Deshaies: one of the must-see places in Deshaies, this garden covers 7 hectares. The opportunity to discover the richness of the flora of the Antilles.
  • When you leave Deshaies, it is imperative to take the “route de la Traversée” which is the only road crossing Basse-Terre from west to east. In the heart of the National Park of Guadeloupe, it is the starting point of many hikes that allow you to observe the exceptional fauna and flora. To the west, we advise you to visit the Parc des Mamelles which shelters the emblematic racoons. For the record, these animals are raccoons present in Guadeloupe since the 16th century, following the wreck of an American ship. You will also find a superb wooden footbridge that crosses the jungle. The entry fee is 14,90€ for adults and 8,50€ for children from 3 to 12 years old. Allow about two hours for the visit.

Deshaies guadeloupe

Where to stay in Deshaies?

We loved our two nights at Jardin des Calibris. This charming establishment is run by a lovely expatriate family. Our tree house “Le Nid des Colibris” was a real cocoon. The domain is splendid, with a particular care given to the fauna and the flora. Little extra: there is a swimming pool and a spa!

Deshaies guadeloupe

Day 12 and 13 (Marie-Galante)

Visit the island of Marie Galante

After two trips to Guadeloupe, we still have not taken the time to discover this paradise island. So, we have a good excuse to go back soon. All the locals with whom we had the opportunity to talk about Marie Galante, it is the place where the beaches are the most beautiful.

  • Trip takes 45 minutes and the price is 35€ round trip.
  • First departure is from the Bargevin ferry terminal (Pointe-à-Pitre) at 8:15 am.
  • Last return is at 4:00 pm.

The best way to get around the island is to rent a scooter. The complete tour of the island without stop takes 1H15. It is therefore possible to discover Marie Galante in one day (7h on the spot between the 2 boats). The best is to stay 2 days to be able to enjoy it fully.

Day 14 (free day or recovery from a rainy day)

It is also important to take time for yourself and do nothing from time to time.  Taking a day off can allow you to recuperate and explore better afterwards! It can also be imposed by the weather.

What to do in Guadeloupe : practical information

When to go to Guadeloupe ?

Although temperatures are around 25°C-30°C all year round, it is still more pleasant to go during the dry season. The dry season in Guadeloupe is from December to April. The wet season is from June to November and the months of July and August are regularly very hot.

Therefore, it is preferable to go during the dry season and outside of school vacations for cheaper airfare.

✈️ Compare and book your flights here

What to take in your suitcase for two weeks in Guadeloupe?

The essentials for your trip :

  • Sneakers that you do not care for and that can take water
  • An umbrella or a raincoat, even in dry season
  • Sunscreen (organic, which does not damage the seabed)
  • A diving mask + snorkel
  • An anti-mosquito product.

What budget should you plan for your itinerary in Guadeloupe?

In this section, we will talk about fixed costs to give you an average budget, excluding activities. Be aware that the islands of Guadeloupe are not an economical destination, although there are good prices on air tickets. In general, prices are 15% higher than in mainland France.

  • Car rental: 20€ per day for an economy car
  • Gasoline costs: 130€ for 2 weeks (1,41€/L)
  • Food: between 40 and 80€ for 2 people/day
  • Lodging: between 50 and 100€ per night

For 2 weeks in Guadeloupe, it is necessary to count approximately 1 500€ per person including flight.

We hope to have answered your questions about our itinerary in Guadeloupe! Do not hesitate to ask us your questions in comments. 🙂

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