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What to do in Mykonos? Highlights

what to do in mykonos in 3 days

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Visiting Mykonos Island: what to do?

Last stop of our stay in the Cyclades, we couldn’t wait to discover this famous island. Although not our favorite, it is both charming and lively. However, we knew that, in this COVID context, we would not see Mykonos regularly frequented by the jet set and revelers.

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Travel to Mykonos: practical information

How do I get to Mykonos?

As with the other islands, we recommend that you take your ferry tickets on FerriesinGreece. Select the Seajets company that is the fastest and most punctual.

Also, it is essential to rent a vehicle for 1 or 2 days. We still opted for the quad which gives us a feeling of freedom, but you can rent a car or a scooter (it is possible to visit the island without going through dirt roads).

In our opinion, the ideal time to visit Mykonos is 3 days.

Where to sleep in Mykonos?

For us it is better to sleep in the city center of Mykonos. We found the perfect accommodation in the heart of the city, in a quiet area, with an equipped kitchen and top-notch hospitality. In addition, the person in charge of these accommodations (Stefanos) found us a less expensive quad rental than the others 5 minutes away on foot, with free parking! Because yes, the town of Mykonos is 100% pedestrianized and the car parks around the town are paying.

Here is the ideal accommodation: Mykonos Town Suites, we paid 55 per night in October.

where to sleep in mykonos

What to do in Mykonos: our advice

Visit Mykonos Town

What a pleasure to stroll through this charming Cycladic town. You could say to yourself that it is the same scenery seen on previous islands, with the only difference that it is much bigger and it is easy to get lost in it. ?

We advise you to let yourself be guided as much as possible. You will come across small alleys, souvenir and luxury shops, as well as plenty of trendy cafes and restaurants.

3 days mykonos itinerary

Where to eat in the center of Mykonos?

Be aware that, just like in Santorini, the prices are a little higher than in the rest of Greece. Here are some good places to eat in Mykonos :

  • Lalala: for breakfasts. The place is very cute and has a terrace. You will find hearty pancakes with a wide choice. ?
  • Pepper for lunch a good Gyros. The tables in the small alleys bring a lot of charm. ?
  • Amades Mykonos Eat Local : As the name suggests, this restaurant offers local produce and it’s really excellent. The manager takes care of the service and does it very well. ?Seats on the terrace are limited, so we advise you to arrive early or for the 2nd course.
  • DAngelo Mykonos : After 10 days of Greek cuisine (which we love), we wanted to try an Italian address. We couldn’t have been happier! The service, the setting and the pizzas are at the top. The restaurant has a wide choice of wines. ?


Sunset in the center of Mykonos

Before the sun sinks, head to the famous Windmills of Mykonos, that is, windmills. With the evening light, the place is magical! For our part there was a lot of wind, as often in the Cyclades. So we took refuge in a bar to watch the end of the sunset.

visit mykonos

Finally it was lucky because we discovered the Negrita bar. The setting is just beautiful! As you can imagine, the prices are less friendly ?. Count around 40 for the cheapest bottle of wine and 15 for a cocktail. Do not arrive too late to hope to have a place outside and see the sunset with the melody of the waves.

what to do in mykonos

What to do in Mykonos: excursions

If the weather allows it, we advise you to take a cruise towards Delos and / or Rhenia.

You will find different ways to discover these islands and many activities by booking here.

What to do in Mykonos: around the island?

Mykonos has some pretty beaches, although it is not a quintessential beach destination. We decided to loop around the island in one day to explore them.

Kapari Beach

It is the most westerly beach in Mykonos. Located just 10 minutes from the city center, it is the ideal place to contemplate a sunset.

Psarou Beach

Close to Mykonos Town too, it is one of the island’s busiest beaches. The water is crystal clear and often very calm because it is located in a bay. Here you will find beach clubs, bars and restaurants, frequented by revelers. Outside of covid, the atmosphere must be there!

beautiful Mykonos beaches

Super Paradise

Not far away and in the same style as Psarou Beach, Super Paradise is a normally crowded beach with a lot of atmosphere day and night! If you are looking for the party, this is it. ?

Agragi Beach

Very beautiful beach in Mykonos with turquoise water. Behind the rocks you see in the photo is a nudist and gay friendly cove for those who are interested!

what to see in mykonos

Loulos Beach

20 minutes east of Mykonos Town you will find the beach frequented by locals. Indeed, here, no resort or beach club. The place is rather wild and it is much quieter. We enjoyed spending a few hours there.

what to visit in mykonos

Fokos Beach

This huge beach is located north of Mykonos. On this side, the sea is much rougher and the access is via a dirt road. So we decided not to stop there.

On the other hand, if you like dirt roads on quad bikes, we recommend that you go up to the heights west of the beach. Be careful, it climbs and the trail is very distorted.



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Kiki’s Tavern

During your trip around Mykonos, we recommend this good address for lunch! The setting of the Kikis Tavern is beautiful and the food very good. Please note, in high season, plan to reserve a table. Even at the beginning of October, the restaurant was fullTo digest, sit down on the little cove at the bottom of the restaurant. It is called Lovers Beach.

There are of course other beaches to do in Mykonos, but we only took a day to go around as the weather was not very favorable.

where to eat in mykonos

Sunset at 180 ° Sunset Bar

At the end of the day, you can go to the 180 ° Sunset Bar to admire the sunset. As a highly Instagrammable place, I warn you: prices are skyrocketing. Count 9 for a beer or a glass of wine, and a minimum of 15 for a cocktail.

We hope to have answered the question what to do in Mykonos! Do not hesitate to consult our other travel guides in Europe, for example the itinerary of our road trip in Puglia. (LIEN)

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