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What to do in Fuerteventura? Itinerary

itinérairy road trip fuerteventura

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What to do on the island of Fuerteventura? One week itinerary  

The island of Fuerteventura is part of the Spanish archipelago of the Canaries, located off the coast of Morocco. It is the second largest of the seven islands. Despite its image as a seaside resort, the island has many assets and a Spanish atmosphere that we particularly like.

How to visit Fuerteventura in 1 week ? We propose you a detailed itinerary to discover what to do in Fuerteventura !

Travel to Fuerteventura: what to do?                         

?How to prepare your trip to Fuerteventura?

Where to do his PCR test in Fuerteventura before returning to France?                                                                                                                                For my part, I had done it in Madrid because there was no need for PCR test between regions at the time and I stayed 5 days in Madrid.

But you can find many laboratories on Google or on Maps by typing “laboratory”. It is almost always without appointment and prices varies between 100 and 130€.

When to go to Fuerteventura?

The answer is pretty simple: all the time. ☀️The climate is very temperate, it is between 20 and 28 degrees all year round. So, I advise you to leave when the temperatures are low in France, to enjoy a little bit of mildness!

Where to buy a plane ticket ?

We recommend you to compare the best offers and book your flights on Ulysse. If you do not know this platform yet, we wrote a detailed article here. You can benefit from -10€ on your first flight booking on Ulysse by registering via our link!

What is the budget to visit Furteventura in 1 week?

  • Plane : 100€ per person on average
  • Car rental : 100€ for the week
  • Gasoline costs: 50€ for about 700 km (1€ per liter of fuel)
  • Hotels: 60€ per night on average in low season
  • Restaurants : 30€ par jour par personne pour 2 repas

Restaurants: 30€ per day per person for 2 meals

Total= 1 070€ for a 6 night stay or 535€ per person, excluding activities

Should I buy tickets online to visit the must-see spots?

Indeed, for the price, the language and the ease we advise you to book your activities on one of the 3 following sites

Please note: this budget can obviously vary according to the price of car rentals and airplanes, but also according to the standard of the hotels/restaurants you choose. We are only talking about our experience here. 

?To book your airport parking: You can save 10% on your reservation through OnePark.

What to do in Fuerteventura during 1 week ?

Let’s get to the heart of the matter! We are going to reveal you our itinerary to visit Fuerteventura in 1 week.The ideal is to split your stay in 2 with an accommodation in the south and one in the north.

Where to sleep in Fuerteventura?                                          

For your stay in the south of Furteventura(4 days out of 7), we highly recommend the INNSIDE Mélia hotel which is very well located. It is close to the seaside resort Costa Calma, but really quiet like an oasis in the desert. Moreover, the hotel has very modern rooms, an infinity pool overlooking one of the most beautiful beaches of Fuerteventura– Playa de Sotavento – a very professional staff and a very complete and excellent breakfast ?.

Find the hotel, price and availability by clicking here.

What to do in fuerteventura

For your stay in the north of Fuerteventura, we recommend you to take an accommodation in Corralejoin order to be ideally located and to have many options to restore you or to amuse you:

Visit Fuerteventura : what to do in the South ? (4 days)

In the Canary Islands, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, it is sometimes necessary to take into account the tides to take advantage of certain swimming spots. Especially for the natural pools!

Day 1 of the trip to Fuerteventura

? Caleta de Fuste

If the weather and the (low) tide coincide, we highly recommend you to go to Caleta de Fustefor this first itinerary step in Fuerteventura. Indeed, this natural swimming pool is located less than 10 minutes from the airport towards the south and it is possible to park a few meters away. So ideal for a first bath and beautiful photos.

??How to check the tides?                                                                                                                                                                                                                 You will find the tide schedules for the next 7 days on this site.

what to do in fuerteventura

Direction the hotel to put down your stuff and rest before attacking the discovery of the south of Fuerteventura. From the INNSIDE Mélia hotel, you will be only 5 minutes away from the town of Costa Calma with its numerous stores and restaurants. In addition, there is a nautical base just a few steps from the hotel.

For the more adventurous among you, I propose a buggy excursion to Caleta de Fuste. Enough to fill your eyes with maximum sensation.

where to sleep in fuerteventura

Day 2: South of the island

? Playa de la Pared

Located 10 minutes further north of Costa Calma, on the west coast, the wild beach of La Paredis known for its squirrels all the time. The road to get there is atypical and lends itself well to photos! Once in the parking lot, take the right side of the beach and climb to the viewpoint. You will be in lovely company on your short walk. ?

road trip Fuerteventura

beach of the pared fuerteventura

? Visit and lunch at Morro Jable.                                                                           

A real seaside resort in the south of Fuerteventura, you will be spoilt for choice for lunch in Morro Jable with a beautiful sea view. Tested and validated address: The Vesuvio with good pizzas at correct price for the setting (10/13€ the pizza and 5€ the Spritz).

where to eat in fuerteventuraThe fine sand beach is huge and there are usually very few waves.

itinérary fuerteventura 1 week

? Los Ojos et la plage de Cofete :                                                                     

The beaches of Los Ojos and Cofete are located in the extremesouthwest of Fuerteventura.To get there, you will have to drive on a 19 km bumpy road! Be careful, the rental companies do not insure the vehicles on the dirt roads of the island. It is therefore preferable to drive at a pace and not to rent a city car or a sporty vehicle.

itinérairy road trip fuerteventura

what to do in fuerteventura in Spain

To get to Cofete(the largest andone of the most beautiful wild beaches on Fuerteventura), turn right after 14 km of dirt road. Once at the mirador, you are free to continue and go down to the beach. For my part, I preferred to contemplate Cofete from the mountain and save time to get to Los Ojos.

road trip fuerteventura

When you get to Los Ojos, park here and take the wooden stairs that take you down to the beach. We recommend trying to come in at low tide if you want to access the secret cave. ?To do this, when you’re facing the sea, take a left and walk along the cliffs to the end (about 5-10 min walk). BE CAREFUL, do not get trapped by the tide for the return trip as the water can come up quite quickly…

beautiful fuerteventura beach

must see fuerteventura

On the way back, you might have the chance to meet my 2 friends in need of a hug.

a week in fuerteventura

Day 3 of the itinerary in Fuerteventura

For this 3rd day, we recommend you to do an activity not to be missed in Furteventura: a buggy tour. Indeed, the landscapes and the dirt roads lend themselves perfectly to this activity and you will discover the island from a different angle.          
We recommend you to book this activity online here on Getyourguide. The provider is very serious, the ride lasts 3 hours and there are 4/5 stops.  

essential fuerteventura

You will find other interesting activities on Civitatis or  Manawa.

Day 4: heading to the West of Fuerteventura

For this fourth day on the island, direction the mountains and the natural pools located in the west of the island. If you are asking what to do in Fuerteventura, the spots on this day are unmissable!

? Ajuy

Head to Ajuyto observe huge caves. ?The village in itself has no interest, it is borderline abandoned. The caves, on the other hand, are located a few minutes walk from the town center and are worth a visit. Go along the coastline on your right when you are facing the sea. When you come to a sign, it is time to go down.

most beautiful villages fuerteventura

essential fuerteventura

In the first cave, do not hesitate to go to the bottom (if you have sneakers and a flashlight / smartphone it is better). You will come across an impressive cave.

fuerteventura road trip

? Barranco de las Peñitas

Without a doubt one of my favorite places on the island!Be careful to follow my directions if you do not want to get lost.                                                                                   

In a first step, park at this level.

Once you’ve parked, take the footpath that leads down to the dam. Keep walking down along the stream for a few minutes.

fuerteventura road trip

After a while, the trail gets more and more blurred. So, you will want to stay to the right and climb as much as possible. ?It climbs more and more and there is no shade, but it’s accessible for everyone. Count a total of 30 minutes of walking so a good hour round trip. The illustration below should help you.

hike fuerteventura

? Betancuria

Perfect for a lunch stop and stroll through the authentic alleys. ?You will find small artisanal stores to buy souvenirs.

village fuerteventura

? Aguas Verdes

Ideally, we recommend going to the natural pools of Aguas Verdesin the early afternoon so that the sun is still high and the pools are prettier. The access is very simple, you have to start on the right when you are facing the sea. Do not hesitate to go forward as much as possible, you will find many pools. The tides have little importance for this place but avoid the very high tide if possible!

natural swimming pool fuerteventura

Day 5: what to do in the north of Fuerteventura            

It is time to go to the north of the island to discover new landscapes. The main attraction of the north is of course the desert of Corralejo.                                                  

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, we recommend staying in the town of Corralejo to be close to the dunes and enjoy the entertainment. ?Accommodation recommendations can be found at the beginning of the itinerary in Fuerteventura.     

The natural park of Corralejoand these 3 hectares of dunes are just sublime! It is imperative to go there during the day when the sun is straight. Go back at the end of the day for the golden hour (about 1 hour before sunset) to observe the landscape with a softer light.

what to do in fuerteventura

fuerteventura trip one week

A buggy rideis available in the heart of the nature park: book here.

Many other activities that will make you discover the natural park from another angle are available in Manawa.                                                                                              

Finally, we recommend you to go to the middle of the land to contemplate the sunset at these 2 easy access mills.

road trip fuerteventura

For dinner, head to Land of Freedom for a tapas and wine tasting ?.

Day 6: Lobos Island                                                                    

This was my last day and I unfortunately did not have time to visit Lobos Island. A lot of people recommended it to me and I regret not having been able to include it in my one-week itinerary in Fuerteventura.  

The ideal way to visit this beautiful little island is to take a 4 hour catamaran tour with aperitivo (important), snorkeling, kayaking and paddle boarding which you can book by clicking here.   

If you do not want to visit Lobos via an excursion, then just take a ferry cab on this site.

Finally, if you have time, for a little change of scenery, go to the small fishing village of Majanicho ?It seems that time has stopped! Especially in Covid period…

fuerteventura cañareis

1 week fuerteventura itinerary

If you want to take advantage of your trip to Fuerteventura to visit Tenerife, another island of the Canaries, go to our article “Road Trip to Tenerife” to have all our tips and good plans!

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